Recycling/Compost Program

At 201 Spear Street the following recycling, composting and trash collecting policies are in place.  Click here for 201 Spear's Recycling Program outline.  It is the Tenant’s responsibility to purchase the necessary containers.  The janitorial night crew will pick these items up nightly from designated containers in your suite.

  • RecyclablesTenant-provided, desk-side receptacles (preferably blue) that do not have liners and are used for all recyclables. 
  • Compostable Materials: A centrally located trash receptacle (preferably green) in your office is used for compostable materials. 
  •  Restroom Recycling: Paper towels are collected in all restrooms for composting, and no other items should be placed in the restroom trash receptacles. 
  • Printer cartridges: Cartridges can be recycled in a collection box located in the loading dock hallway labeled “Cartridge World” and should never be placed in the trash receptacles. 
  • Batteries and Light Bulbs: Please drop batteries and light bulbs at the Building Management Office for disposal and never place in the trash receptacles. 
  • E-Waste: Electronic items that need to be recycled should be disposed of by the tenant at an authorized disposal location.  The building will host an E-waste recycling event twice a year for easy disposal.  E-Waste must be stored in the tenant premises until the day of the event.

Click here for a complete list of recyclables.

Please be aware that mixing composting and trash recycling contaminates the receptacle it is thrown into, and cannot be recycled.